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2 Bed room ,2 Bathroom , 1 Kitchen , 1 Living Room , 1 Car Park

Pay extra for Kitchen set up 100,000 th bt and swimming pool (3x5)extra
200,000 th bt for small plots ( 240 sqm)


Hua Hin is considered to be the sunniest place in the whole of Thailand. This is what you would expect, given that it is home to our beloved King His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej. This has been true for many centuries and King Rama VI also built the beautiful “ Palace Of No Worries” made out of teak wood. Hua Hin has always had moderate weather with very little rain in the so called rainy season and boasts of sunshine year round.

The Hua Hin Pavilion is one such project where we strive to give you your own “House Of No Worries”.

The land itself is near 100 rai and is on a mountain slope that offers incredible vistas of the surrounding valleys with the AKA Resort in front.

The Hua Hin Pavilion is located just 5 minutes from the center of town and is only 3 minutes from the Black Mountain Golf Course which has been rumored to be the best in Asia.

The road and infrastructure around and to our project is the very best as we share the neighborhood with some Royal Projects.

Hua Hin has the most colorful history of all the Thai towns. Hua Hin is the oldest beach side resort town and has been very popular with the Royalty and thus the rich and famous of Thai people.

Nowadays, Hua Hin is a popular and cosmopolitan tourist resort. There are many sandy beaches all along the town and while there are some busy resorts in the center of town, the area around the Hua Hin Pavilion is a quiet traditional Thai village, surrounded by many pineapple plantations and Her Majesty The Queens Royal Gardens and farm.

The Hua Hin Pavilion is always within easy reach of restaurants and shops, downtown and the beach.

So come browse through our website and see the 3 different specially designed houses that we have to offer. Alternatively, if you are in Hua Hin, then come visit us and take a look at our show houses that are ready for viewing.

Come and enjoy the bargain of a lifetime!

 It’s now or never………….






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